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The Lumber Jack Tree Service

The Lumberjack Tree Service are experts in tree removal and arborist services carried out by fully qualified Arborists for Newcastle, Cessnock, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley.

Our professional and friendly team is available on call 24 hours a day for storm tree removal emergencies. We have the expertise needed to attend and complete any tree removal services that come our way, no matter the size or scale, we can help with everything from Council and School contracts through to smaller projects on your residential property. Our main services include;

Our knowledge

Tree removal is a delicate process, and you should not remove any trees without prior consent from your Local Government Agency, and that is why it is best to seek advice from our team before commencing any tree removals. We can also assist with completing the relevant paperwork if it is required.

Tree maintenance

Trees are important to our environment and our lives, and it is imperative that, are regularly maintained and cared for to avoid disease and ill health. Here at The Lumberjack Tree Service, we pride ourselves on delivering quality ongoing tree care and maintenance services so that your trees are not presenting with any hazards or risks to the land or buildings in which they surround.

When you engage our services, we can provide detailed quotes, onsite visits from our professional team, inspections and provide detailed Arborist reports on hazardous trees, tree maintenance, and risk assessments. We are confident in our work, and we will not leave the job until you and our team are complete satisfied with the result. Similarly, you don’t pay until the job is complete. That’s our guarantee!

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How healthy are your trees?

If your trees have started to show signs of deterioration, changes in colour, brown leaves, or thinned canopy, then it is best to seek advice from a qualified arborist. We may recommend that trees are not removed but are instead cared for, with regular pruning and cable bracing. This can help bring the tree back to a healthy growth pattern. We are passionate about keeping your property safe and enhancing the look of your garden and your trees.

Our standards and services

Our quality workmanship, attention to detail, safety and efficiency makes us a cut above the rest when it comes to tree care, tree maintenance and removal. All our services are carried out in the safest way possible, and we are fully insured and always comply with all codes and Australian Standards for all our services. We can help provide advice and solutions for any tree issues you may be experiencing. Call our experts for friendly advice today about your next arborist related issue.