Cessnock Arborist and Tree Removals

The Lumberjack Tree Service is a professional and specialised tree removal and care company operating in Cessnock and surrounding suburbs.

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If you are looking for affordable, quality, and professional tree service contractors in Cessnock, then you should look no more. Our passionate tree experts can provide a range of services from emergency tree removal to mulching and pruning.

We have been providing the Cessnock community with tree and maintenance care and services for over 25 years and are trusted to complete all jobs to the highest level of quality and care at affordable prices.

Our services

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Mulching
  • Land clearing
  • Deadwood removal

Fully qualified and insured tree removals contractor Cessnock

Tree care should be left to the experts. Our arborists have extensive knowledge and skills to provide detailed reports for tree care, hazardous trees and the removal of trees in the Cessnock area. We will come to your land, property, commercial or government building such as schools and local community centres, to provide onsite inspections, and a detailed quote. We are fully insured, and safety is our number one priority. It is imperative that you speak to your local council regarding the removal of any trees from your land, as most removals and even pruning is subject to a council application. We can help complete the application form, and conduct the work once it is approved, following the guidelines set out in the approved plan.

Cessnock Arborist and Tree Removals »
Cessnock Arborist and Tree Removals »

Why choose The Lumberjack Tree Service Cessnock for tree removals

At The Lumberjack Tree Service, we are professional arborists and a tree care and maintenance provider in Cessnock. We are fully qualified and insured to undertake all aspects of tree care, from removal, pruning, mulching, land clearing, and arborist reports in Cessnock. We pride ourselves on providing the most up to date information and services to our customer, with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, our team can handle any tree services in Cessnock and surrounding suburbs.